Share Your Story

If you’re struggling or if you have friends or family members suffering from depression, now you can share your story:

1. How does it feel to live with depression?
2. How has depression affected your life
3. How have others helped you with, or misunderstood your situation?
4. What tool helped you manage or overcome your depression?

Record and share a My Story video today.
— Brad Feld, co-founder, Foundry Group

Remember that you are not alone!

Watch videos of people who share their experiences of depression - the symptoms they’ve experienced and the steps they took to get help. Tell Your Story.

Shoot a Short Video!

Help break the stigma around depression together! Shoot a short video and share a story of how depression has affected your life or the life of someone close to you! Follow the 4 simple steps below. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes!


Step 1

Select what kind of a story you would like to share
(you can share more than one video if you’d like).



  • Describe how does it feels to live with depression

  • How has depression affected your life?

  • Most valuable or important thing you did to help yourself with depression

  • How other people may have understood or misunderstood your situation

  • Your experiences with anti-depressants


  • What was your reaction when you heard that your friend or family member is living with depression?
  • Did you know how to best help a person living with depression?

Step 2

Record Your Story on Video

We suggest that you record your story by using your smartphone’s front-facing camera. Also feel free to record a video using your computer or ask someone to shoot the video of you, if that is what you prefer. Find a quiet spot where there is some light and your voice can be easily heard.  You are invited to say your name at the start of your video (Hi, my name is) or record an anonymous video. Aim to shoot a 30-90 second-long video.

Be Authentic

We are looking for original stories that others can relate to and there's no need to find a perfect background to share you story. You can shoot your story at home or work, or while waiting for a bus or a train.


Step 3

When you've finished shooting the video, send us the file using the Share My Story Link below.


You are done!
Thank you for taking the time to share your story!

Our team will review your video and upload it to this site.

Note: By submitting your video, you allow the 2-Minute Mind Check and its partners to share any video submitted in websites, social media, publications or other media material produced, used, or contracted by the 2-Minute Mind Check and its partners.

Please reach out with any questions to the My Story Team.