Why Isn’t There a ‘Gym’ for Mental Health?

by Alexa Meyer

Back in March 2017, I decided I wanted to seek out a therapist in San Francisco. I felt unsure, uneasy, and pretty overwhelmed with the whole process. Was therapy even something I needed? Why was it so hard to find a therapist? Why isn't there just a space I can drop into (like a walk-in clinic) when I feel like talking to someone? I felt incredibly frustrated that there wasn’t dedicated space for mental health so I started my company, Orchid and began to host Mental Health Pop Ups across the country.

The Mental Health Pop Up makes it easier for people who are wondering if therapy is right for them, want to learn to better manage their emotions, or just those who are seeking a quiet space to unwind.

What happens at the Mental Health Pop Up?

  • Try and Find a Therapist - curious about therapy or wondering if it’s right for you? Meet with a therapist to try it out!

  • Group Workshops - improve your mental clarity and decision making in a guided group workshop

  • Tea & Kombucha Lounge - unwind in a relaxing space with unlimited tea, kombucha, and reading material

The next Mental Health Pop Up is on February 7th at WeWork Civic Center. I hope you’ll join us to try therapy, or just attend a workshop and unwind in relaxing space for the day.

Space is limited. Register today with the discount code “2minutemindcheck”.

About Alexa:

Alexa Meyer

Alexa Meyer

Alexa Meyer is the founder of Orchid - a company that makes it easier for people to try and find a therapist in their city. She also is the creator of the Mental Health Pop Up -- a dedicated space for mental & emotional health where people can try therapy, participate in group workshops, and unwind in quiet space. Alexa was formerly Head of Marketing and Growth at Keen IO, a Sequoia-backed analytics startup, where she took the company through Series A and B. Prior to that she worked to deliver brand strategies for Fortune 500 brands at Interbrand.  She's a proud Canadian currently living in San Francisco. Learn more:

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