Pop Up Therapy + Mental Health Workshops

Join Us @ WeWork

on February 7th 2pm - 8pm

1 in 5 Americans struggle with a mental health issue, yet only 39% seek out help. We want to make it easier for everyone struggling with everyday emotional challenges like stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression to access the resources and tools to help them live mentally and emotionally better lives.

Join us at WeWork Civic Center on February 7th for a Mental Health Pop Up where you’ll be able to:

  • Try out 1-on-1 therapy with a licensed therapist

  • Learn how to improve your focus and manage your emotions during times of stress via group workshops

  • Unwind and get quiet work done in our zen tea lounge


Should I attend?

Have you been curious about trying therapy, looking for a therapist, or just wondering if it’s right you? Come out to the pop up to give therapy a try. Want to learn more about how to better manage your emotions in times of stress? We’ll have licensed therapists from the Bay Area, expert workshop facilitators, and plenty of tea and quiet space to unwind and relax.

Light food and tea will be available.

Hosted by WeWork, 2-Minute Mind Check and Orchid.

The 2-Minute Mind Check: a community initiative of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), the National Alliance on Mental Illness (SF), WeWork, and Meru Health.  With support from the Mental Health Association of San Francisco and Health Technology Forum.