“2-Minute Mind Check” Campaign Offers New Depression Self-Check and Support for Bay Area Residents

Visit www.2mindcheck.com

Visit www.2mindcheck.com

The 2-Minute Mind Check (2MMC) is a free, online resource for measuring and getting support for depression, available at 2minutemindcheck.com. This initiative was launched to help San Francisco Bay Area employees determine where they stand on the depression scale in 2 minutes or less by completing an anonymous questionnaire. Individuals with depressive symptoms receive free educational materials and events, as well as connection to social communities and stories so they know they are not alone. 

The 2-Minute Mind Check web site shares information on understanding symptoms and causes of depression and ways depression can be treated. There are instructions on setting up a Personal Healing Plan and tools for boosting one’s mood -- including free music, exercises and apps that can help combat anxiety, sleep better, and improve focus.

2MMC arose from the need to address mental health issues amongst the Bay Area’s driven and talented professionals. A recent study on the mental health of Bay Area entrepreneurs revealed that 30% of participating entrepreneurs reported experiencing depression during their lifetimes. Despite its ubiquity, depression is underdiagnosed, undertreated, and underappreciated, and many who live with it suffer in silence, unaware of the significance of their chronic feelings of exhaustion, hopelessness, and demoralization. The tragic and untimely deaths of notable Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Jody Sherman, Austen Heinz, and Aaron Swartz stresses the continued need for education, outreach, and action on this matter in the Bay Area.

Local Bay Area mental health advocacy organizations have partnered to support the 2-Minute Mind Check and address depression in the San Francisco Bay. 2MMC’s affiliates include the National Alliance on Mental Illness-San Francisco, WeWork, Meru Health and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). ADAA Executive Director Susan K. Gurley, J.D., described the 2-Minute Mind Check as “a San Francisco Bay Area community initiative focused on breaking the stigma around depression,” and said of the partnership that by “Joining together we can help employees in the San Francisco Bay Area (a region of our country where productivity is prioritized and asking for help is viewed as a failing) determine where they stand on the depression scale and encourage those that are struggling to speak openly about their challenges, seek help and access the many free resources that our organizations provide. Together we can triumph over depression and change lives.”

The 2 Minute Mind Check offers a convenient, quick means to identify warning signs of depression. The 2MMC questionnaire can be completed in mere minutes on one’s phone or personal computer, in the comfort of one’s home, in the office, or while commuting. It’s straightforward, anonymous, and short enough for the time-crunched Bay Area commuter to finish during BART’s subterranean rattle through the Transbay Tube, during idle minutes in the midst of the morning transfer on MUNI, or in an Uber or Lyft (when endlessly refreshing TechCrunch and Instagram isn’t cutting it). The survey can also be completed at work or off the clock, in the leisure of one’s home. The 2-Minute Mind Check offers a first step in determining if you suffer from depression, understanding its causes, and creating an action plan to address it.

Take the 2-Minute Mind Check. Visit 2minutemindcheck.com.